Englisch - B1 - Auffrischungskurs "Refresher Course" am Samstag


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Samstag, 21. Oktober 2017 09:15–14:30 Uhr

Kursnummer 31313
Dozentin Anne Poplat
erster Termin Samstag, 21.10.2017 09:15 Uhr
letzter Termin Samstag, 25.11.2017 14:30 Uhr
Gebühr 111,00 EUR
Ort Hirschenstr. 27, Raum II.9
Hirschenstr. 27 / 29
90762 Fürth


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Did you finish level "B1" (formerly called "Mittelstufe 1") in the Volkshochschule some time ago? Or did you have 4-5 years of English at school and want to brush up and deepen your knowledge of English as quickly as possible? Then this is the course for you! All the main grammar points and the "typically German problems with English" will be dealt with in this lively course with listening and reading comprehension exercises, lots of talking and an occasional learning game.

Mitzubringen / Materialien

  • Lehrbuch: "Network Refresh Now" (Klett-Verlag) Lehr-und Arbeitsbuch ab Lekt. 1

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